Everyone is suffering…

Everyone is suffering in different forms. Buddha also says life is all about suffering but we can end it if we left our desires aside. This is very philosophical point of view but in reality, in everyday life how to overcome. I can tell you about only my experience how I did it. I start becoming neutral about things whatever situation it is…i don’t be so happy I don’t be so sad …i just feel peace when I do this. When we try to do something over ,things will never be good.. Just live the moment happily for yourself ..do not pretend ..just feel everything, just observe everything.. Be a watcher rather than a thinker… You’ll definitely feel peace..because that is your true essence that peace is you I think… When we think we judge things from our experience… Just watch without thinking, without judging, just forget it is good or bad, just watch, just feel you’ll find a difference. You’ll find peace.

Astha gangwar द्वारा प्रकाशित

its me astha gangwar . I m founder of this blog. I love to write poems... I m a student of msc to chemical science.... read my poems on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/asthagangwarpoetries/ follow me on - I'm on Instagram as @aastha_gangwar_writing_soul

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