War is the another name of life.

I don’t understand life somehow I am just dealing with it. When I short out something other things happen then I short out those tirelessly. If this is the life then this should be called a war I think this is the better name of life. We take breath but this breath is regulated …we don’t decide next moment we’ll be able to take breath or not. I can’t say to myself I am tired against life if I will say I will face more trouble so I just say continuously to myself I have to face it so be ready always because I really don’t know what will happen next moment. I just remember god and says only one thing just give me strength I have no hope with humans in this mortal world you are my only hope ,I have no place to go except you just accept me and forgive me If I did something wrong.

Astha gangwar द्वारा प्रकाशित

its me astha gangwar . I m founder of this blog. I love to write poems... I m a student of msc to chemical science.... read my poems on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/asthagangwarpoetries/ follow me on - I'm on Instagram as @aastha_gangwar_writing_soul

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