Be a worrier…

Be a worrier ,keep your heart on fire always if you don’t want to be fearful for those sudden situations or things which comes in to your life in unexpected forms. We got afraid sometimes because our past experiences create fear deep inside us and coming out of that fear is not easy. We can’t make fool ourselves we have to make a choice do or die. Either you can live with your fear or just face your fear . Accept things and just say you can handle it. It needs efforts ,energy ,time but I will overcome somehow I know only this just say it to yourself.

Stay motivated life is all about struggle but your thinking should be beyond the struggle always.


Astha gangwar द्वारा प्रकाशित

its me astha gangwar . I m founder of this blog. I love to write poems... I m a student of msc to chemical science.... read my poems on facebook - follow me on - I'm on Instagram as @aastha_gangwar_writing_soul

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